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BINOMIO: 5 Places, 5 sensations

BINOMIO: 5 Places, 5 sensations

Text: Binomio

One of the best aspects of my job, which is also my passion, is getting to know new cities, country and being able to go back to them. I love feeling the dialects of the dancefloor and all of its languages.

It is hard to pick only five, because there is dozens of places I felt lucky to be in, but here is a fragment of the great mural that depicts the world.

BINOMIO: 5 Places, 5 sensations

MADRID, Ciudad del Rock, Madrid World Pride, WE Party Circus, 2017

Madrid’s World Pride left some permanent marks in my memory. One of them is, without a doubt, participating WE Party Circus in Ciudad del Rock, a spectacular production with a great sound and tons of fun. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side that night but, even if our bodies were cold, our spirits were burning hot.

BINOMIO: 5 Places, 5 sensations NYC, USA, Javits Center NYC, World Pride NYC, WE Party Magic Planet

Having the chance of playing in New York’s World Pride filled me with emotion. The only thought of it makes me smile. It was a night full of emotions and stars. Being on the same stage with Bette Midler, Cindy Lauper or Billy Porter, among others, was but one of the great moments of that night. There were many more, but they would deserve an exclusive article. It truly was a night to remember.

BINOMIO: 5 Places, 5 sensations BANGKOK, Thailand Central World Live House, White Party Bangkok

My first time in Bangkok was really special, from the moment I saw the city’s skyline on my way to the hotel. Walking through the streets, experiencing the people and their kindness, being amazed by the colors and smells of the night… everything made me realize how lucky I was, being able to have that experience! I felt so taken care of by the organization, and their attention to details created core memories of my experience at that festival.

BINOMIO: 5 Places, 5 sensations SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Taurus

Playing in both big stages and small clubs is surely an enriching opportunity. When playing in a club, there is often a close connection with the dancefloor that cannot be ignored. I will always treasure what I felt the first time I performed in Chile. You could feel the love for music growing on the dancefloor, expanding so strongly that it eventually fused with the sounds, creating a mix of emotions that overwhelmed us. That night was true magic.

BINOMIO: 5 Places, 5 sensations

MYKONOS, Greece, We Party @ Xlsior

Some of the best experiences I had when performing were in Mykonos, in the years I had the honor of being the resident DJ for WE Party. Seeing the sunrise while you are telling a story with your music is always magical. Witnessing the energy of the night turn into dawn… that is so fulfilling!

In addition, it is worth mentioning the special energy that one can always enjoy on the dancefloors of Madrid, Brazil or Colombia, among others…

Love for all!

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