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Chris Turina is part of the new generation of artists who are definitely here to stay. In recent years it is difficult to find a big event or festival where his name is not part of the main line up. The joy he gives off is transmitted through his music, making everyone who dances to his rhythm happy for a few hours. Chris knows no borders and the list of countries he has traveled showing his talent is very extensive.

In this interview we will get to know him more closely, and we will see that with illusion, effort and good vibes, dreams come true. CHRIS TURINA: MUSIC REVOLUTIONWhat attracted you to music to dedicate yourself to it?

Music is a form of communication that is transversal to any language, nationality, ethnicity, etc. It allows us to communicate feelings, emotions, appeal to childhood memories and even create experiences. As a child I learned some piano and guitar because there were both in my house, and I think from that moment I discovered that I wanted to communicate things using this art.

What do you bring to music and what does it bring to you?

As I mentioned before, music helps us to express feelings and emotions, and that is where we both contribute. Having the ability to give the public an escape, a joy, an emotion... is undoubtedly the main contribution I can make for and with music.

How has "circuit" music evolved in recent years?

Music is something alive, it always changes, evolves and is affected by the different events that we live as a society. When I took my first steps as a dj, it was almost unthinkable to play Spanish music, however, today I can't imagine a set that doesn't include something Latin. Over time, many percussions and sounds from Latin America have been added to this music.

And you as an artist?

As an artist you have to know how to reinvent yourself according to the trends, but always taking care not to lose your essence. When I look back, I have certainly evolved a lot, since I have been incorporating my own sounds and I have learned to use musical production tools that bring me closer to the sounds I want to express.


What characterizes your sets?

When I do a set I always have in mind to include songs that people don't expect to hear, to relive memories and create a unique moment. I tend to use upbeat music, which allows people to sing along.

Do you prepare them differently depending on where you are going to perform?

The main difference in the preparation is that I always try to give a special nuance according to the country, for example, I try to include songs of local artists or in the language of the country, however, the essence of my music is always maintained.

¿Quieres saber como termina?

Do you want to know how it ends?

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