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DAVID CASTILLA: An exciting beauty and a charisma you'll fall for.

He's for sure an all-round man, he can do everything: influencer, gogo dancer, model, personal trainer. David Castilla is a jack of all trades. We discuss with him about all of his facets, as he pleasantly tells us about his path to success, and the intricacies that come with it.

Despite being an imposing personality, one of the most solicited in the market, and having tons of followers, he's humble, easy-going and super friendly.

Let's get to know him!DAVID CASTILLA

How did you become an influencer? Was it something you were after or it just happened because of your job and your involvement with social media?

Honestly, I landed on Instagram quite late, and it was almost by accident. I created the account probably around 6 years ago, I was against it, I didn’t feel identified with social medias and it was my boyfriend at the time who almost forced me to create the account (laughs) and now look, such is life. I must admit that the term influencer still makes me uneasy, I still can’t fully identify with it, even if nowadays Instagram has become an important part of my life, especially workwise. So I can’t help but being grateful for everything that it has brought to my life so far now.

Which do you believe to be the keys to your success?

How to be popular in social networks? Well, that’s the million-dollars question (laughs). I sincerely have no idea. I think it’s caused by many factors. When I started my Instagram account, I was getting my first gigs as a model and had to start traveling a lot for work, be it photo shoots, festivals I was working for. I was also always trying to show some of my work as a personal trainer, which is one of the most (if not the most) important parts of my life. That mix is what I try to show on my feeds. And, even though I was skeptical at first, I think it’s necessary to show something of your private life, something real about you that makes everyone see who’s really behind that façade.


Gogo dancers are an essential element in parties. Tell us about your experience with that.

Once again, it’s something that happened unexpectedly. I was still Living in Valencia, and had a gig with WE Party as a model, they wanted me the image of the 2016 New Year Festival. That’s where I met the team and had a really positive experience with them all. It was after that gig that they started discussing having me as one of their entertainers, or at least try to be one, but it was something I had never even considered before, so I didn’t give much importance.

After a while I moved to London to make a living, and casually a We Party was about to happen. I still had a great relationship with the team and they offered me to dance once more. And that’s where I gathered up my courage and accepted, mainly due to the different circumstances I was in. It was a disaster, as to be expected (laughs) but it was my starting point.

After that I moved to Madrid and I couldn’t catch a break, working for WE Party, in their Madrid events as well as their tours around the world. Thanks to that, many promoters started showing an interest in me. And that’s kept on going till today, and I can proudly say that I work in some of the best parties, with the best promoters, the best clubs and surrounded by the best entertainment teams that one could ever hope to have. It’s a job that has given me a lot of happy moments and that has made it possible for me to know people who became a part of my life. Most of my best friends are my stage companions (laughs). And that’s the good part, the one I like to remember.


You have danced in the best parties and festivals of the international circuit. Could you make a top 5 list of your best experiences and tell us why you consider them special?

Well, that’s hard, I have so many experiences that are etched in my memory, but I’ll try to pick the best ones and tell you about them.

Obviously, I can’t help but beginning with WE Party, especially after Madrid 2022 Pride, which was totally awesome! The Main Party that took place in Fabrik was on a whole new level! Every time I had the chance to get inside the river of people and have a look at the stage I was stunned by the work that was put into it: the lights, the lasers, the screens, the wardrobe, the sounds… EVERYTHING was so fucking great! And you could see that in the people’s faces, they were having a blast. Before moving to the next one, I ought to make a special mention to 2017 Madrid World Pride, and the amazing WE Circus party, held in the Rock in Rio enclosure, in Araganda del Rey. Every time I remember how you couldn’t see the end of the crowd from the stage, I get goosebumps. Amazing!

I have very good memories of all the times I was lucky to work for Forever Tel Aviv. That city and the people have something that always made me wish to go back. Creatively speaking, they’re a brand that takes risks and gives it all, with A+ set ups and with those DJs that are a fundamental part of the character and sound of Tel Aviv. It’s always a 10/10 for me.

Speaking of paradise, I can’t let Mykonos out, with its huge XLsior festival, the locations are always breathtaking. Working in those beach clubs, seeing the sea and the huge success amongst the public is so great, I always feel grateful, year after year, to have the honor of being a part of it. Mykonos is a Mediterranean dream!

Another slice of heaven is Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) and the brand Jubileo. I had the pleasure of working with them for their New Year’s festival and their Easter Week festival, and it’s a place that must be seen at least once. It’s incredible how the brand keeps on growing, and how they keep improving, year after year. I think they’re a benchmark in both Mexico and Latin America.

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