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Interview: Nando Prado

In recent years it is difficult to find a quality festival or club whose line up does not include De Felipe. Through effort, perseverance, professionalism and creative evolution, he has managed to position himself as an all-terrain artist who does not stop crossing borders, having performed halfway around the world. Those of us who are lucky enough to meet him when the lights go out and the music ends, find "Pipe", a humble, hard-working and very funny guy.

In this interview we make a journey through his entire career, where he also reveals his concerns, his projects and his dreams.


Pipe, when and how did you discover that you wanted to dedicate yourself to music?

Uf, Nando, it's a long story, but it will be brief. I started DJing in 2003 with vinyl, I bought my first Technis Mk1200 turntables that I still have! I did it as a hobby because I had another job. A very well known DJ friend of the history of electronic music in Spain told me that why didn't I start playing in small places and that's how it was? At the beginning, only my mother came to see me... (laughs)

And little by little I started to grow, to work on it and to produce my own music until I saw that I could dedicate myself to this and I left my other job. Nowadays I live from music, which is quite complicated, I feel lucky!

What has been the happiest moment of your career?

I haven't had any specific day. It has been progressive and there have been many happy moments. I'm still working to grow more and keep living those moments. A few moments add up to a lot!

And the worst?

The worst for a DJ is always the "NO". When at first they don't trust you and don't want to hire you, or when you go to a club and it's empty or you see that people don't dance to you? I think this is without a doubt the worst moment for all djs. Even the greatest djs worldwide have their good days and their bad days.


What qualities do you think distinguish you from other artists?

Well, I think that technically (although nowadays it is not valued) I know how to handle all types of controllers, play perfectly with vinyl, units of all brands, different mixers, etc.. I think the first and most important thing to be a good DJ is to know how to play vinyl. And then know how to handle all kinds of devices that you can face and not have to stay with a poker face when you get in front of them.

Make us a TOP5 of your favorite places where you've played...

1- Madrid (It's my house) (laughs)

2- São Paulo

3- Medellín

4- Fort Lauderdale

5- Tokio

¿Quieres saber como termina?

Do you want to know how it ends?

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