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Destino Berlín
Destino Berlín


Destino Berlín

The city that will seduce you with its feeling of freedom, and his rich culture and history.

Text: Ian


Despite the prejudices this town stirred in me, Berlin won me over because of the freedom I felt observing and witnessing the lack of taboos when it came to dress codes and thanks to the relaxed everyday life. You are going to ask, “What do outfits have to do with a music magazine?” Everything is related. Nothing is connected in the beginning, but gradually, many details make us feel it like our queer home.

Berlin is a great destination for a short trip in which you can combine tourism, leisure and… PARTIES!

Destino Berlín


The main square, connected to every part of the city thanks to metros, buses and with a lot of stores and places to eat, as well as shopping centres. The perfect starting point of your Berlin trip and the ideal place to look for a place to stay.

Straight from Alexanderplatz, you have a direct connection with Mitte district, the most “Europeanised” in my opinion. With a similar style to Barcelona or Budapest, mainly for the layout of its streets and buildings. Without a doubt, if I had to move to Berlin, I would pick this district as my place to live, offering the best value for money for monthly rents. Mitte is a breath of fresh air from the sad and greyish look of the rest of the town’s buildings. The same can be said for “Berlin Chueca”, Schoneberg.

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