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Rayco Santana
Rayco Santana


The word influencer is trending. It’s totally understandable, since this figure is revolutionizing traditional marketing strategies. This digital profile has become the new celebrity of the 21st century, moving entire communities and attracts brands. celebritie del siglo XXI que mueve comunidades enteras y atrae a las marcas.

They are opinion leaders and media figures within an area or sector. They do not necessarily have to be famous people, but "experts" who know the new trends and who have managed to make themselves heard thanks to blogs and social networks. redes sociales.

Most brands want to reach these audiences but don't know how to do it. They want to present their product, service or idea and don't know the best way to communicate effectively. Now, young people don't follow the brands themselves, but rather they like to follow a benchmark or idol of the online space: the influencer.

Through Magnolia Music Magazine you will meet the coolest It Boys of the moment, as well as young promises who are strongly standing out making their legion of followers grow every day.

But… what is behind these lives of luxury, travel, fashion and glamor to which we all aspire?

Rayco Santana, from the Canary Islands, with his tanned skin, sculpted gym body and an intense penetrating blue gaze, gives us the keys to the profession of the moment.

Rayco Santana

Many people believe that it is a simple job, but there are many hours of work behind each publication….

This work is not easy at all. It requires time, fresh ideas and some good taste. Being innovative is very complicated because there are people who dedicate their entire day to generating material for their networks, but I try to do my best by combining it with my job.

What criteria do keep in consideration when choosing to work with a brand?

As for the criteria to decide on one brand or another, you always choose brands that more or less fit in with you, that go with your way of life, with your tastes... You try to accept brands that are trending, but in my case, I also like to collaborate with recently launched brands. In the end this is, in addition to a job, a tool that can be used to help others and not just for personal benefit. That's why I like to support new promises, new brands or small companies that start from the bottom.

¿Quieres saber como termina?

Do you want to know how it ends?

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