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"Born to sing". That's how one of the biggest artists in the worldwide circuit world defines herself. Maya Simantov is a composer and singer who possesses an incredible sensibility that she pours in each one of her themes, moving her audience. Vibing, feeling... Listening to her or seeing her perform is an experience that elevates all of your senses, moves you and makes you fly with her unique and special melodies.

In this interview, Maya completely bares her soul, showing us her world and making us know where all of her songs come from.

From Magnolia Music Magazine we can only say: "Thank you for everything you give us, Maya".

MAYA SIMANTOV: BORN TO SINGWhen did your passion for music begin and why did you decide to be a singer?

Ever since I can remember, I was singing. My parents say I started when I was 2.

I didn't decide to be a singer I just knew this is what I wanted to be and had a strong passion about it. It's like I was born knowing that's what I came here for.

How were your beginnings?

As a child, I was in a singing group. I had a lot support from my dad who did everything he could to help me realize my dream. So, when I got older he would let random people listen to my recordings, until one day I met Yinon Yahel and Offer Nissim thanks to him. I was also obsessed with singing and writing, so that set up a good starting poing for being a writer/ composer.

What was the turning point in your career?

It was when I met Yinon Yahel and Offer Nissim. I finally met my musical parents who were able to translate my lyrics and melodies, transforming them into amazing music. We had a deep soulful connection and the three of us complimented each other's visions and emotions.

I imagine that you are very demanding... what must a producer's proposal have for you to agree to work with him?

Firstly, I try to o stay loyal to the vision I have for my songs. After working for years with producers that are able to read my soul, it's very hard to meet new ones and feel the same way. It's all in the vibe and energy, so I would say that's what's guiding me.

How is the production process of your songs?

I usually receive a rough musical line and I flow with it. I have a setup at my house so I record myself. That gives me freedom to pour my ideas and let myself focus. Then I send it to the producer and together we choose and cut what is getting in the song. I usually don't interfere with their process and let them express their vision.

You work a lot with Offer Nissim, who is one of the biggest artist on the circuit. Tell us about your relationship with him.

Offer and I are like family. We trust each other’s ideas and give a lot of inspiration to one another. We made many classic tracks together that I'm so happy are still loved 20 years later. I think Offer is a music legend and super talented and I am very lucky to get to work and learn from him.

¿Quieres saber como termina?

Do you want to know how it ends?

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