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Interview: Nando Prado

Micky Friedmann is living proof that professionality, discipline and love for music will make an artist be on top for many years. His motto "without music life would be a mistake" also reflects on our world: without him and his talent, the music industry would be a mistake.

His global success and prestigious career for over two decades never made him lose his humility, and that's what make him an even better person, if that was possible.

My professional and personal relationship with Micky confirm that. I was lucky I could work with him in big festivals like WE NYF (Madrid) or Cocktail Fest (Rotterdam), where he worked with influential artists, treating them as equals.

Always with a smile on his face, a nice word to say and a nice, respectful gesture. That's how he is.

With this interview, Friedmann tells us about every aspect of his career, of himself and about the way he believes in the importance of creating magical moments every time he creates something new or performs on stage.

Here we go!


Micky, tell us some of your best experiences. What performances will you never forget?

There have been so many great moments throughout my career.

  • La Leche (Circuit Festival – L’Atlantida)
  • Tel Aviv Pride (Forever Tel Aviv)
  • New York Pride (Masterbeat)
  • Chicago Market Days
  • Cologne Pride (SEXY)

You have been number one in the industry for many years… How has the music in the gay circuit evolved?

That is certainly a big compliment. Thank you.   I do, however, share the top with very few, very talented colleagues who I respect very much.

A lot of what is considered Circuit music today has very little to do with what Circuit music used to be since it was born and, hopefully, it returns soon. Some of us work extremely hard to keep the quality of the Circuit sound.

There is a huge wave of producers today who believe Circuit music needs to be extremely fast and full of noise.

It isn’t true. The pioneers of Circuit music, artists such as Peter Rauhofer, Abel and Tony Moran always created a pure sound and quality production.

Where is it going now?

If we don’t try to save it soon, the “noise”, as I call it, is going to take over because there’s a large part of our party community, younger crowds, who believe that’s good music because it’s all they hear when they go out. There's a strong demand for that chaotic energy. It creates pressure on promoters, who start to believe they must invite DJs who play the “noise” in order to sell tickets.

What were your musical references?

I mainly listen to classical music. That is where I get inspired for my production.

Do you like to collaborate? Which industry artists do you admire? Who would you like to work with, that you haven't done yet?

I mainly collaborate with Sagi Kariv and Toni Hauschild. Two individuals whom are not only very close to my heart, as they are friends, but we also understand each-other on levels where words can’t even explain, only the soul can communicate to understand.


¿Quieres saber como termina?

Do you want to know how it ends?

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