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The famous butterflies in your stomach. As they fly around, they tend to branch into two paths; they're either a result of feeling nervous, or they're a sign of the need to cross a door that, even if totally unknown, lets you know that you're going to find pleasure instead of satisfaction, once you've crossed it. 

As human beings, the biggest form of release is through sex, keeping away from traditionalism. We can't stand the idea of living ostentatiously, obsoletely. We're bored and annoyed by the mundane; innovating, that's an epithet that we never consider getting rid of. 

There are many things we need to feel in our being… sweat, warmth, saliva, semen, caresses, bites, fingers, whispers, words and babblings that are never understood… 

We venture into an area that, after getting rid of self-control, allows us to bare that part of us we don't show everybody. 

In this encounter I'm about to narrate, the beginning is exactly what I've just described… 

It all starts with an attraction, we then decide to cross that door. On the other side, words are exchanged, just a social convention, what's known as ice-breaking, even though every person in that moment was more keen on biting and licking that ice… 

We then moved to the bedroom, undid the bed, get naked; but, as with every encounter, you can never quite decide whether to keep your socks on or not. I suppose we see them as a warding sign, a seal, made for keeping something safe… 

We got so comfortable that even the socks were gone, anything that was considered clothing was only a nuisance to the three of us. In case I forgot to mention that, there were three of us, no one was unwanted… Remember that being ostentatious is unreal! 

No one was still, everyone had his role, like opposite poles, good and evil, forbidden and allowed, everything generates more strength than gravity. Every whimper was directed to something, every lick had its own part of skin to traverse, every finger had a spot waiting for its fingerprint… 

We started with kissing, we exchanged air, wishes… Without a word, we entered into the body of who was in front of us. Without any indication, we found our way we had in mind, last stop: ecstasy. 

¿Quieres saber como termina?

Do you want to know how it ends?

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