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Nickoles Alexander: Body and Mind
Nickoles Alexander: Body and Mind

Nickoles Alexander: Body and Mind

If anyone was still unsure that gogos and influencers were only muscular bodies to admire, Nickoles Alexander is the living proof that it's all a lie.

Always stressing on the importance of mental health and the values of respect, inclusion and self love (in order to being able to love others), he's now finishing his mental health studies in London, hoping to have a career in that field.

Nickoles Alexander Nickoles Alexander: Body and MindHow did you become an influencer?

When I was living in LA, which is like the Mecca of social networking, that’s when my followers grew on Instagram. I am thankful for them because they really helped me during the pandemic, especially when I opened an Onlyfans. Now, I’m re-routing into a different career so it’s been a blessing seeing all the support and amazing feedback. Really thank you everyone!

What makes you decide to collaborate with a brand?

I’ll hear what the brand has to say on how/what they want to represent. For example, if the company is willing to help spread awareness to the importance of mental health, then I’m definitely on board! Because the battle isn’t on the outside anymore, it’s on the inside. So knowing how to deal with the battle inside our heads is the most important thing, right now.

Nickoles Alexander: Body and MindWhat about your followers? Do you interact with them?

I do to an extent. I’m studying to be a therapist and go to therapy twice a week so I need to focus on myself and my own wellbeing. I am more responsive on my TIkTok, @nickolesalexander where I answer to questions of people who want to understand what I’m trying to say. So feel free to send me a shout on there!

Gogo dancers are an essential element in parties. Tell us about your experience with that. with that.

It’s incredible! I love the vibe and the freedom. I love to dance. When I’m on stage especially when a good DJ is on my body goes into a trance. It’s like I’m melting into the rhythm and everything starts making sense. Many people believe that it is a simple job, but there are many hours of work behind each performance…. That right, even when switching careers from a sex worker to studying to be a therapist and sharing the tools of what helps me, every day needs to have a lot of game planning behind. Knowing how to present it, your view and your ability to capture the audience attention and KEEP their attention. It’s tough work. But it helps you learn quickly and grow!

Nickoles Alexander: Body and Mind

Having a publicly exposed life comes with fans, but also “haters”. Does it affect you on a personal level?

It used to, not anymore. I can read negative comments and know where that person is coming from, I know the problem is just them projecting in a non-formal way. Also, sometimes they do help if I do sound too out of touch. One needs to be able to find the balance and see what’s garbage and what’s gold.

What is the best thing about this profession?

Connections. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for my dancing. I’m a small town kid from Texas and by dancing in clubs and circuit parties I was able to create friendships and learn the history of my queer community. Those relationships and the path I took for discovering myself opened my eyes to the possibilities of what life has to offer.

Nickoles Alexander: Body and Mind

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