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Sagi Kariv is a benchmark in the Circuit scene who managed to get the pure essence of Israeli sound all over the world. He’s one of the most complete and professional artists of the moment: DJ and producer of the top hits of the last few years. Sagi Kariv is one of the main resident DJ in Forever Tel Aviv (the biggest LGBTQI+ event promoter group in Israel) and the headliner of some of the most celebrated international festivals. His talent and passion for a music that connect directly with the most intense emotions, make him cross oceans to offer his audience live sets full of his unique and personal magic.

Sagi Kariv

What is Sagi Kariv like on any given day?

As a family man, my everyday life is a delicate balance between my beloved husband and two daughters and my career. I spend time in my studio, constantly listening to new music and exploring new genres, but always trying to share as much time as possible with my family.

Israeli music has a personality of its own. What can you tell us about the sound that makes it unique?

The Israeli sound is more about the feeling, as the Israeli producers always put focus on the emotions of the song, ever combining it with an uplifting beat.

Tell us about Forever Tel Aviv, the brand in which you are resident.

Forever Tel Aviv has been my home since I started my music career. From its early days, Ohad Heim, the brand creator and owner, has been developing the nightlife scene in TLV, pushing us- the producers, to our very best, and promoting us all over the world. Forever Tel Aviv is also an independent music label, and you can enjoy our music at our parties and in all the biggest parties all over the globe. Today, we have resident producers and DJs performing in venues all over the world, and regularly in TLV.

As a producer, what do you like the most about studio work?

My studio is my temple. When I’m in my studio I feel disconnected from the outer world, I let the music flow in my body, creating the melodies.

¿Quieres saber como termina?

Do you want to know how it ends?

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