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Globally recognized as one of the best DJ and producer in the gay scene for more than 30 years. Steven Redant is a role model inside the industry and an influence for new DJ generations.

Constantly evolving, he has been able to reinvent himself throughout his long career, managing to always be on top and offering his audience the music they want, without losing his essence.

Let's talk with him about his career, his way of seeing the profession, his personal life, his problems and his biggest passions.

Interview: Magnolia Music Magazine


What is Steven Redant like on any given day?

Above all, happy. I wake up, meditate, do 20 min of yoga, check the waves. If they’re good, I go surfing, if not, I sulk. In the afternoon, I work on my music, on the surf retreats I organise or simply head to the mountains for a walk.

Why did you decide to be a DJ?

That was so long ago I barely remember. I’ve been a DJ for 36 years now. I started out in the local youth club, kept buying music but never saw it as a career until DJ Elias, a friend, told me I should DJ in the club, as I had better taste of music than most other DJ’s. So, I just did that.

Who has influenced your musical taste the most?

Influences come and go, but in the beginning I was very much influenced by the Miami house scene from the 90’s. It was tribal, vocal, deep, groovy. Very different from what was being played in Europe at that time. Later came the Spanish scene from Ibiza.

How has your evolution been as an artist?

I started from playing underground American stuff in the backroom and pushing that sound to its limits, making it to the main floor where it then evolved to the tribal house we know now. However, I always tried to be different, letting myself be influenced by what was happening in the straight scene. Always trying to walk the fine line of being different without alienating my audience

As a producer, what do you like the most about working in a studio?

The first days in the studio are the fun part. The creative part. Playing around with sounds and melodies, trying out new stuff. After that it becomes tedious and very technical, and that’s the part I dislike.

Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

I’ve remixed the biggest artists of the world, collaborated with the best DJ’s on the scene, but nothing is like doing it all by yourself. Because, when it’s only you, there’s no compromise, it’s 100% you.STEVEN REDANT: A REFERENCE OF THE GAY CIRCUITHow would you describe your sets as a DJ?

My DJ sets lately are influenced but the house music I used to play 20 years ago. Starting out in pure house with classic vocals and evolving to tribal house, a little darker than usual lately. which is refreshing.

What do you think makes you different from other artists and makes you unique?

By now I would say that experience sets me apart. I’ve been doing this for 36 years, I know how to read a crowd, give them what they need, which is different then what they want

What characteristics must a good DJ have?

A good DJ must be able to hold a conversation with the dance floor. Making sure he listens to what it has to say. When that happens, it’s magic.

What’s the best thing about being a DJ?

Sharing the joy I have for life through my music with so many fans, getting to know so many people on my travels, making new friends, meeting old friends all over the world.

And the worst thing?

The traveling is definitely on top of that list.

Which performances will you never forget?

There are many, like Mardi Gras in Sydney, or The Week in Florianopolis, Brazil. White Party Palm Springs was also incredible but the one that stands out is SonKran in Bangkok as Bent Collective with my partner Danny Verde. 7000 people on the 18th floor of a building going out of their minds was an elevating experience.STEVEN REDANT: A REFERENCE OF THE GAY CIRCUIT

How have social networks influenced artists in recent years?

It’s changed everything. I’m pretty sure it’s thanks to Facebook I broke through outside of Europe. I already had my circuit here where I played regularly, but the socials helped me share my music and my lifestyle with the world.

What have been the keys to your success?

They key is to never give up. Be the one that wants it most. Work hard, don’t expect any help, but help others as much as you can, always make sure you’re proud of your work.

What music do you listen to at home?

I listen to deep progressive house by the likes of Khen, Guy J and Hernan Cattaneo. Also, to “Los 40 principales”, and laughing my ass off with the extremely toxic lyrics of reggaetón.

What are your three great pleasures in life?

1st- peeing in the ocean. 2nd- surfing. 3rd- volunteering and helping others

What are your next projects?

Organising more gay surf camps, and sharing my knowledge and happiness with as many people as possible.

This is the next one:

Rainbow surf retreat in Imsouane, Morocco.

The longest wave of Africa.

House Agama

18-25 April 2023


Instagram: Steven Redant.

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