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Interview: Nando Prado 

Suri knows no boundaries, he became a staple by thanks to his efforts in the highest places of the circuit, thanks to his hard work and determination. He’s the clear example of how dreams can come true if you fight for them. Never give up and grow constantly, in a profession where technique and passion mix to achieve results.

Suri and I have known each other for 16 years (man, time flies by!) when we used to party together in the first club where he was a resident DJ. Throughout the years, our careers often crossed paths, and seeing his evolution from that booth, that I remember like it was yesterday, to being one of the most acclaimed DJs in festivals, it has been a fantastic experience.

In this interview Suri opens up to us, talking about his career like he has never done before, his life, his view on the actual scene, his projects, his goals and some secrets.

Let’s go babe!


Let us start from the beginning, Suri, tell us about how your career started.

You know it well, Nando: it all began 19 years ago in a LGTBIQ+ pub in Valencia, called Café Deseo. I went there a lot as a customer, and would not stop giving the DJ English pop music (that was barely played in there at the time) to play. We became friends and one day he got sick and asked me to replace him… and that is where it began. Two years later, I met Juan, the manager of the best nightclub in Valencia at the time and he gave me the chance to take a big step forward and that is the first night club I became a resident in: Venial (Valencia).

Venial was the most known gay club in the city. It was open every day and I played there five times a week. I spent 9 years in there, and I learned a lot.

What was the turning point in your career?

I think I had many. The first one could be the launch of my first original theme “Looking for Love”, that was a success in every LGTBIQ+ dancefloors around the world. Almost every DJ was playing it, and that made my name famous outside of Spain.

The second turning point was my residency with Eliad Cohen’s Papa Party. With Papa Party, I literally played in the best booths across the world.

In addition, the third and most important one was my remix, with Chris Daniel, of “Till It Happens To You”, for Lady Gaga, that made it to #1 in Billboard list. The news echoed through a ton of national and international Medias. I still remember fondly the full-page headline, that stayed there for more than 24 hours, in the web of Los 40: “Lady Gaga is number one again thanks to two Valencians”.

What has been the happiest moment of your career?

There has been so many! My first remix for Monica Naranjo, the #1 on Billboard with Lady Gaga’s remix and then with Pink’s, the production of “Summer Reign” for Paris Hilton, when I did the opening act for Monica Naranjo in her 4.0 Tour, or my performance with Kylie Minogue in Palm Springs White Party… However, a moment that makes me very emotional was when Paris Hilton invited me to play in her party “Foam and Diamonds” in Amnesia Ibiza. When the set was over, the booth was full of many different celebrities, Chuckie was one of them. And suddenly… it made me think about my professional life and I started happy crying!

How would you describe your sets as a DJ?

Lively, dynamic and exclusive. I love using strong rhythms, starting with upbeat tracks, pieces with bold bases… and end with “darker” music, always keeping track of my connection with the audience. My sets contain a lot of private remixes that I only play live, I never uploaded them to any podcast, so, every person that comes to see me play live, knows that they will get to listen to a lot of exclusive pieces.

What do you feel when you are performing in a mainstage in front of thousands of people?

An endless orgasm! (laughs). I feel absolute happiness. I cannot compare it with anything else. I cannot really express how I feel when I’m on stage.


What were your musical influences?

I think I had the best ones. Above all, the great Peter Rauhofer, who left the best legacy a DJ and producer could have ever left in the LGTBIQ+ world. I consider myself to be from the Old School, I come from authentic house music. I grew up with labels like Defected, Twisted, Tommy Boy… And I was raised with music by Junio Vazquez, Offer Nissims, Roger Sanchez, Ivan Gomez, Chus & Ceballos, Luzon, The Shapeshifters, Cevin Fisher, Deep Dish…

Do you keep track of how many countries you've played in?

Honestly, no. I am a very distracted person. I cannot remember spinning in some cities. You know who my tell-tale is? My Iphone’s photos maps, for real. It makes me so happy when I open the map and see pictures in so many countries and cities.

Where would you like to play in that you haven’t yet?

Luckily there’s not many LGTBIQ+ places I haven’t performed in yet. Right now, I can only think of two: Atlantis cruise and La Demence festival.

As a producer, what do you like the most about studio work?

Changing a song, making it your own. From transforming a ballad like “Til It Happens To You” by Lady Gaga into a grounbreaking piece to changing the hit of the moment into something yours.

Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

I have a pretty clear idea about the top one: Madonna. Madonna is, for me and for everyone, the absolute best. Actually, I’m gonna tell you something… I worked for her a few years ago, but the release was cancelled. That’s a quite sad story for me. Her team contacted us (Chris Daniel and me) for remixing her song “Devil Pray”, the fourth single of her last album. I’ll never forget the day I received that e-mail that carried the opportunity to remix Madonna. We made two remixes, but, sadly, when the pieces were almost over, they told us they decided to cancel the launch (videos, remixes, production… everything). Not only our remix, also the remixes from some colleagues who were also working on different versions for that piece. I’ll never forget that, it happened on October 13th 2015. It was a rough hit for me, but one must never lose hope. Devil Pray, el cuarto single de su último disco. Nunca olvidaré el día que llegó ese email con la oportunidad de remezclar a Madonna. Le hicimos dos remixes, pero lamentablemente con ellos prácticamente terminados, un día nos dijeron que había decidido cancelar el lanzamiento (vídeo, remixes, promoción… todo). Pero no sólo nuestro remix, sino el nuestro y el de los otros compañeros que también estaban trabajando en versiones de ese tema. No se me olvidará, fue el 13 de octubre de 2015. Para mí fue un mazazo, pero nunca se pierde la esperanza

Could you pick a track of yours that you particularly like?

“Looking For Love” is my baby, my firstborn. “Summer Reign” is also a pretty insane piece (I really hope it gets published someday). And the remix we made for Monica Naranjo of her piece “Make You Rock” is another track I’m really proud of.

¿Quieres saber como termina?

Do you want to know how it ends?

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