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Valencia Flow Fest
Valencia Flow Fest


Valencia Flow Fest  (VFF) was born in 2022 as a strong cultural, sporting, musical and touristic bet that placed the city of Valencia in the epicenter of the national and international LGBTQ+ events scene. More than 2500 people from 18 different Spanish cities and 4 European countries enjoyed the event.

The second edition of the VFF will take place next Saturday May 6th at the Spook and Canal venues, just 5 minutes away from the City of Science. An event starting at 13h and ending at 07h on Sunday May 7th.

18 hours of culture, sports, music and diversity. Giant paella, cultural talks, market, foodtrucks, and many surprises. Big stars like Ojete Carlos in concert, Muéveloreina Rocío Saiz, Sita Abellán, Toccororo, GSP, Binomio, Jonatan Tamayo and many more.

Valencia Flow Fest

Valencia will host the Gay Games in 2026 and the VFF is the best way to prepare the city for such a sporting, cultural and musical son.

Valencia is culture, cinema, theater, museums, music, business. It is a center of international design and avant-garde, and one of the most active cities in fairs and congresses. A friendly, open-minded, hospitable and tolerant people, a city with a warm climate, an outstanding historical heritage combined with its unique modern and avant-garde buildings, its parks and beaches as its best emblem.

Spain is one of the preferred destinations for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide, hosting almost 20% of the community's tourism business in the European Union, according to a report by Community Marketing & Insights. Globally, the LGBTQ+ population is estimated to account for 5-10% of the world's total population, a total of nearly 500 million people.

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