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WE Party is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and most acclaimed parties on the worldwide gay circuit. We interview Víctor Pallás, its creator, who tells us about the highlights of his magical events and the internal process of production.

Looking back… how was WE Party born and why did you decide to put this name?

It was born from the experience of Sundance, SuperMartXè and the desire to create a truly international party. I am a restless soul and I wanted to do something new and more interactive, giving prominence to impressive visuals on screens and innovating as much as possible. The choice to call it WE is because it is a name made by and for us. Something that represents the collective.

12 years have passed ... how and in what has it evolved?

It has evolved in all aspects, in parallel with the fashions and the taste of the public. Scenographically we are always up to date, using all the technologies at our disposal. Screens and visuals are very important to us. We are in a constant search for new things, wanting to reach more people. And perfecting. Performing the events each time in larger spaces has given us rein so that our creativity has no limits.

What is the secret of WE Party's worldwide success?

Since we started we wanted to be international and develop it in large and powerful spaces. From the beginning it was a very fresh and novel party. In many things we have been pioneers. For example, we bet on having on screens the boys who are dancing. And something very important for us is that all the artistic, audiovisual and costume material is made by WE staff. It is innovative and colorful work that people are passionate about.

How do the ideas of the themes arise? Do you remember how many you have created?

We made more than 50 themes. They arise from fashions, from seeking originality and points of madness. Like "WE Laundry" and the laundry superheroes. And also using classic concepts to which we give an innovative touch, like “WE Casino” for example.

How is the day to day in the WE Party offices?

¡Mucha locura! Somos un equipo fijo y colaboramos con personal externo para ciertas partes del arte.  Hay días dedicados a la producción, la contratación de equipos tecnológicos, bailarines, DJ… Otros días son más creativos, diseñando y pensando en los elementos de las nuevas producciones. Y generalmente una vez al mes nos dedicamos a hacer sesión de fotos y grabación de videos. A fin de cuentas, somos una empresa de producción y eventos. Nuestro trabajo abarca muchas cosas, lo que no da cabida a la monotonía.

What criteria do you follow for the selection of the DJ that perform at your parties?

We look at those that the public recommends to us and for positive comments that there are of them when people enjoy a SET of theirs. We don't have many guests. We have 6 residents who represent the musical essence of WE.

And for the dancers?

We get very involved in deciding who is part of the shows. We like to have a base team and another part that we are renewing.

In how many countries has WE Party been held? Do you feel the difference between one audience and another?

We made WE Party in more than 20 countries. And as for the public, we feel the same energy and people are just as receptive. Is the same circuit audience.

The Riviera in Madrid is still your home… what does it mean for you?

It is our space, where we are comfortable, where we feel the energy the most and the audience feels better. It is a special place, where we better manage the stage and where we have all the keys to achieve what WE represents.

You have traveled all over the world ...What have been some of those WE Party that you will never forget?

There are many in various places that have been very special. Without a doubt, one of the most impressive was the World Pride in New York 2019.

What three ingredients are never lacking in a WE Party?

Energy on the dance floor, music that makes you have fun and big staging.

In addition, you have two massive festivals in Spain. What have WE PRIDE and WE NYF meant for the brand?

They meant the direct internationalization of the brand showing all the power it has. And consequently, the attraction of the public from all over the world gay circuit: Americans, Israelis, Lebanese, Europeans… a wonderful mix!

And as for Madrid World Pride 2017?

At the time it was the biggest festival ever made by us. It meant taking another step forward in our innovation and determination to be at the top.

When it seems that it is impossible to grow more, WE Party always surprises with something new… are there new projects on the horizon?

The most imminent is, like every year, to offer the best possible pride. It's a production that involves several months of intense work. And there are many other projects that cannot be counted yet…

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